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The relatively closed environment of a greenhouse has its own unique management requirements, compared with outdoor production. Most greenhouses use sprinklers or drip lines. Significant inputs of heat and light may be required, particularly with winter production of warm-weather vegetables.

This is the international standard in greenhouse horticulture. Multispan greenhouses offer the grower a myriad of configurations and specifications, making them totally adaptable to local conditions, a variety of crops and grower needs. We offer multispan greenhouses designed and manufactured by Richel, France, who are the largest exporter of polyethylene clad greenhouses in the world.

Richel delivers 350 hectares of greenhouses a year, over 500 projects, to more than 80 countries. Greener Solutions are the local agents for Richel in the SADC region. We offer a wide range of multispan greenhouses with different bay widths, gutter heights and many other variations.

Richel innovations and quality are world-renowned and they are the true leaders in the greenhouse industry, with over 600 hectares delivered in Africa to date. In addition to plastic-clad greenhouses, Richel also delivers glass greenhouses, semi-closed greenhouse technology, multi-tunnels for low tech horticulture and more.

Models include bay widths of 6.4m, 8.0m, 9.6m, 12.8m and 16.0m. The use of high tensile steel, 2.4 times stronger than standard greenhouse steel, has given Richel the edge over other manufacturers, allowing taller and wider structures without having to use light-diminishing trellis beams. The result is the brightest greenhouse on the market today.

Hydroponic system suppliers south Africa

The range of hydroponic systems on the market today is staggering. Selecting the best and most appropriate system for specific crops and climate situations can be fraught with danger. Greener Solutions has a select range of proven hydroponic systems, suited for local conditions.

We offer drip systems for growing media, both with recirculation and without. This is the most popular system around the world. Greener Solutions offers full irrigation design and supply from water storage, fertigation, reticulation and delivery throughout the greenhouse. This includes drain water recapture, disinfection and re-blending back into the system for maximum efficiency.

In addition to standard systems, we also have our own system, developed locally for local conditions, which has proven to be highly successful over many years. It is especially suited to leafy, fast growing crops and is far more robust than traditional systems for lettuce, herbs and similar crops.

Greener Solutions are also local agents for NGS. This Spanish-designed system is a full recirculation and media-free system consisting of multi-layer troughs, ideal for warmer climates. It is a high tech system for sophisticated growers and in the right hands is extremely productive, comparing with the best hydroponic systems ever designed.

Whether it is a gravel bed system, a drip system or even an aquaponic system you desire, Greener Solutions can deliver it.

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With over 25 years of hydroponic production and greenhouse experience, professional greenhouse horticulture is our field of expertise. Greener Solutions has exceptional experience in delivering commercial greenhouse projects in South Africa and the SADC region.

By selecting key partners, Greener Solutions has developed the expertise and assembled a world-class team to help grow the region’s developing greenhouse and hydroponic sector to intensify food security and promote self-sufficiency.

Our extensive knowledge of local conditions and our local production experience means we understand the business of achieving a return on investment better than most.

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Hydroponic systems are very versatile. The ability to grow various crops using either the same system, or a variation thereof is one of the advantages of this type of food production. Greener Solutions provides technology for a large number of different crops below. For more information on the technology, visit our SOLUTIONS section

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Greener Solutions offers the full spectrum of greenhouse and hydroponic technology available today. Together with our technical partners we have a full array of the best equipment money can buy. We cater for both small and large commercial operations and can deliver just the right technology for you. We offer both low tech local solutions as well as high tech international solutions for the most sophisticated projects possible.

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